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Growing Economy

The real estate market continues to record an increase in demand for investment use and in particular in the short term.

Stable Environment

According to analysts, the data demonstrate the stability of the market which, despite all the crises it has gone through, holds up.

Safe investment

the brick remains the safest investment to make, or rather the one that guarantees the greatest protection to one’s savings.

Real Estate Trading

Real estate trading undoubtedly stands out among the new investment opportunities, which is the ideal approach to today’s market.

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Business-Friendly Environment

Properties Trade offers all-round development and consulting in complete and tailored real estate investment projects for a selected international clientele. We guarantee our customers assistance in a secure, constantly growing real estate with double-digit profits.

Lifetime Investment Planning

Liquidity never stays too long or concentrated in a single building for years but is continually used for new rapid operations.

Ownership of the property is very limited in time, which implies a very low tax impact and a zero risk of possible future changes in the market or nation.

The margins obtained are naturally higher than those generated by a classic rental, always reaching the double percentage figure per transaction.

Putting on the market a newly renovated property increases the simplicity and speed of resale of the same, especially if accompanied by good marketing and managed by partner agencies well positioned in the area.

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